Selva is a contemporary Melbourne Spanish combination Tapas bar, located in the outer Melbourne suburb of Diamond Creek, where the city meets the Yarra Valley. The brand identity has been designed to be reflective of the owner’s passion for craft beer, good food and live entertainment. The name, Selva, translates to jungle or rainforest in Spanish, becoming a perfect way to describe the botanical atmosphere of the interior of the bar by also referencing the location of Diamond Creek, a suburb full of luscious greenery, a tropical place to escape from inner Melbourne’s busy city life. Selva Tapas Bar is inspired by the archetype of ‘the creator’ expressing concepts of; self expression, desire to produce, elements of fun and excitement represented through creative mark makings and splashes of paint. These mark makings that represent the brand identity have been created as aesthetically pleasing visuals for the company and also to challenge the idea of how an identity can be represented, not just by typical shapes and trademarks, but also by organic abstract marks and experimenting with minimal paper stocks and colours.



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Passions of Paradise

Passions of Paradise is a true local family owned business, which always has been and will remain a small-dedicated operator focused on creating exclusive extraordinary fun day experiences to the Great Barrier Reef for tourist whilst spreading and sharing educational information about the reef. Passions needed a brand refresh and update. The above design has been created as an explorer brand that promises freedom and discovery of the unknown. Passions of Paradise will inspire customer loyalty by focusing on individual’s fears and curiosity of the ocean; and will in turn motivate individuals to do more, see more and be more. It has been created using bright primary colours displaying a playful nature to inturn get individuals of all ages out discovering the Great Barrier Reef for themselves.