Watercolour is an instrumental indie-rock band based in the northern suburb of Eltham, that consists of seven members. The band is currently recording and producing some of their own compositions, and required the visuals for their first album cover.

The album cover is a representation of Watercolours music as a whole; the colours are a reference of the stage lights of their many live performances. Watercolour consists of seven members, utilising the instruments; trumpet, bass guitar, electric guitar, vocals, drum kit, violin, flute, played all in unity. The album is much like seeing the whole band up on stage, lots is going on, a vast amount of members, the visual form similarly carries this idea of much detail and visual interest however both are able to produce simple beauty when all elements are together.

The album cover created was made using the technique of paper marbling, which is oil paints dripped onto a water surface, followed by paper placed on top leaving behind the watery markings of the album. The artwork was scanned, then using Adobe Photoshop the image was edited until the desired result was obtained. The three lines on the front and back of the album is an abstract ‘W’ representing the bands name, Watercolour.



Tempest Pale Ale was created with the intent to reduce package wastage and encourage the consumer to consider sustainability in everyday life. The package consists of a beer four-pack, which uses minimal materials whilst serving a dual purpose of incorporating a reusable beer cooler within the package design. The beer cooler is constructed out of corrugated cardboard for insulation for longer lasting colder beer. The aim of this beer design was to play on the idea that a packaging design doesn’t have to turn into instant rubbish once opened.


Revolver cigarettes have been created based on the idea of ‘fear of ones own death’; it has brought inspiration from Melbourne’s Metro ‘Dumb ways to die campaign’. As the user opens the cigarette packet every time to consume a cigarette it is a subtle reminder that every single is doing damage. It’s a more playful and humorists approach that has been proven to be successful, rather then a very factual graphical image of a body organ that people general just become numb to and ignore.

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers is a Sydney based band which includes lead vocalist and guitarist, Dylan Frost, and bass guitar player and backup vocalist, Paddy Cornwall. The stimulatingly quirky bands sound is a psychedelic, free flowing reggae fusion with raw vocals emblematic of summertimes dreamy, relaxed aesthetic. The intention for this task was to create a band identity to be recognised across a variety of formats (record, cd album, cassette tape,). The ending graphic result demonstrates the relationship between typography and graphics representing the bands unique aesthetic sound.

Herbal Hub