Salt is a local surf publication of Melbourne, based on the rich Australian surf culture, in particularly in the south-west surf coast of Torquay. This area is home to the world famous Bells Beach renowned for holding the world’s longest running surfing competition—the Rip Curl Pro Surf & Music Festival. This area is a historically significant area for surfers, as early as 1939, surfers from Torquay made their way to Bells, when access was a considerable problem.

This publication is inspired by Australian surf culture, filled with interviews from famous local surfers, paddling and surf techniques, equipment cleaning tips and also featuring local surf groms of Bells Beach. The zine is a B5 saddle-stitch publication, with majority of images throughout the zine photographed myself. Please note all written content has been sourced and is in no way or form credited to myself.

The Market Book


This unconventional St Andrews book, is a very unique and one of a kind publication. The aim of this project was to create a book that involves a degree of self-referentiality of the subject. St Andrews is a northern suburb of Melbourne city, a very small and unique town located amongst dense gumtrees and luscious greenery. It is home to the St Andrews market hosted every Saturday morning, a very spiritual place, where fortune-tellers, palm readers, rune reader, African drummers, and much more are found. This publication was created in hopes to capture the distinctive atmosphere of the market; it is a collection of interviews I undertook with market store owners, community members and individuals all found at the market. All images have been photographed my self over a series of weeks along with all text throughout the book has been gathered myself from self initiated interviews, quotes from people or found materials at the market in a hopes to reflect the personality of this distinct market place. A very special place for me, which brings back many nostalgic memories, that I took for granted growing up the individuality of this location. At the end of the day “a day at the market cleanses the soul, refreshes the heart and re-grounds me every time.